Cancer Screening

802104100_VelscopeVX.jpgWe know that oral cancer claims one life every hour in the United States – and the survival rate has hardly changed in the last 40 years. This disease is of great concern to our practice because oral cancer is very curable when discovered early.

That’s why our practice has incorporated VELscope, a technologically advanced oral screening tool, to identify things that could lead to cancer at their earliest stage.

VELscope screens for oral lesions that may lead to cancer just as mammograms screen for breast cancer, PAP smears screen for cervical cancer, and PSA tests screen for prostate cancer.

VELscope is a  fluorescence screening device that helps the dentist see what he might not otherwise see. We recommend performing this exam annually.

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The VELscope Vx® is the world-wide leader in discovering oral tissue abnormalities

VELscope Vx provides the most powerful technology available for assisting in the discovery of oral mucosal abnormalities, VELscope Vx plays a key role in the early discovery of such abnormalities, which can be critically important in the fight against oral cancer.

Benefits Patients, Clinicians and Practice

When used as an adjunctive aid in combination with traditional oral cancer examination procedures, VELscope facilitates the early discovery and visualization of mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer. In one or two minutes, with no rinses or stains required, a VELscope system examination helps healthcare professionals assess their patients’ overall oral health.

Over 10 million Velscope examinations have been held and the product is backed by more clinical research than any other fluorescence screening device on the market.